Is Dali a bad painter or is he simply a genius – as he states in one of his interviews? Maybe be get more insight in reading one of his books?

In the foreword to Dalí’s Diary of a Genius, Michel Déon writes:

“Dalí most endearing features are his roots and his ‘antennae’. Roots that reach deep down into the earth to explore everything that man has created in terms of delicacies (one of his favorite words), paintings, architecture, sculpture. Antennae that are directed toward the future, which they instantly sense, anticipate, and understand. It cannot be repeated often enough that Dalí is filled with insatiable intellectual curiosity. All achievements, all discoveries fall, defeated, in his works. And appear in them, in scarcely changed form.”

Diary of a Genius (covers his life from 1952 to 1964) reveals a daily Dalí, with an extraordinary authenticity, a kind of portrait of Dalí naked, covered with great delight in the mirror before which he’s standing. But what is obvious is, that Dalí not only loves his reflection: in him, and far beyond his own image, are the big questions that agitated the mind of genius that he never doubted he was. As he’s not afraid of the words, he plays with them with pleasure, tainted them with an irresistible humor.

Diary of a genius stands as one of the seminal texts of Surrealism, revealing the intimate workings of the mind of Salvador Dali, the eccentric polymath genius who became the living embodiment of the 20th century’s most intensely subversive, disturbing and influential art movement.

This book is the first edition („Edition de la Table Ronde“), edition  for the artist from 1964.

The book is inscribed by Salvador Dali „A JeaMichel, Hommage de Dali 1964“ coming with a ballpoint sketch (little crown) and another ballpoint drawing showing one of the favorite motive of Dali „Don Quixote“. VG.

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