Picasso at work

Do you feel the silence and the artistic and creative process in this picture? What happens next? How does Picasso create the uniqueness of the ceramics in front of him? This very nice photo shows Pablo Picasso in his atelier in Vallauris designing and painting one of his sculptures. Roger Lacourière observes him in the background, smoking a pipe.

I think it was in 2010 I saw this photo the first time on the internet site of an autograph trader. I could not get off my eyes any more . In summer 2011, I took decision to go to Paris and have a look on the original. There was no way back without this photo…

in his atelier in Vallauris

Photo signed and dedicated:
„For Lacourière, his friend Picasso“ , june 1952.
125 x 182 mm, vintage photography
Provenance: Collection from the engraver Roger Lacourière

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