Camille Pissarro: “Ma chère Julie”

Last year I purchased this Autograph letter from Camille PISSARRO  (1830-1903). This  letter is signed (‘C. Pissarro’) and addressed to his wife Julie, Hotel Continental, Le Havre, 22 September 1903, reporting on the fine weather which has enabled him to finish his fine weather paintings, though he still has one grey weather canvas to finish (‘j’ai fini mes toiles de beau temps, mais il me reste un grand temps gris à finir’); he will be leaving on the 26th, but cannot go directly to their home in Eragny, asking therefore whether his wife will come to Paris to join him, or whether he should drop the paintings off in his flat at Place Dauphine and stay at Chez Garnier for a few days, noting that he still has one picture to deliver (‘J’ai encore un tableau à livrer à un amateur qui n’a pas le temps de venir me voir’), concluding with a reference to an agreeable lunch with the collector Pieter Van de Velde and his wife.

Pissarro passes away in november 1903, some weeks after he wrote this letter.

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