Nitsch – Rainer – Staudacher : ” 3 artists – 18 years”

As addition to my growing collection of contemporary austrian artists, I share the catalogue from Otto Breicha “Tempi Passati” (Galerie Klewan), which now is signed by all 3 artists.

The first”inscription” was given by Mr. Staudacher who also drew a small sketch of  a fish with a small note: ” do not fetch the fishing rod” – I love his humor !

It took me a longer time to get it autographed by Mr. Nitsch what finally happened in 2007 at an opening event at the Nitsch museum .

This year, I could attend an event in Baden (near Vienna) at the Arnulf Rainier museum, where Mr. Rainer signed the catalogue by ” an overwriting” of his printed name (he was not signing any photographs).

As to my knowledge – a minimum of 18 years hunting for the completion – that´s how it is if you are not full time taking care about autographing.

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