Johann Julian Taube – Neuhauser Block & journeys of adventures by pencil

Maybe this artist might be new to you as it was to me until I got this book with a drawing  as a birthday present from my father. Johann Julian Taupe was born in Gritschach/ Kärnten/ Austria and started his carrer at the “Akademie der bildenenden Künste” in Vienna in 1976 with Prof. Max Weiler. Later he was working with Prof. Arnulf Rainer  from 1981-1983. Various exhibitions brings the art to many spectators allover Europe.

After making a drawing into the guest book of the sculptor Karl-Manfred Rennertz. Helmut Swoboda, a painter colleague of him, “mistreated” him to start making drawings . After the opening of the museum Neuhaus/Suha, Herbert Liaunig spoke with him to create a book with drawings, etchings etc. within the context the Museum . Between september 2008 and march 2009 the “Neuhauser Block” with more than 140 works of art were born.

Peter Weiermair describes in the book some insight, which I allow to cite partly on my blog .”The drawings of Johann Julian Taupe only entered late into the life of the painter… They reflect Taupe´s adventure with a new medium, which is based not on color, but on line. … The observer is the reader of this seismografic handwriting, the one who endeavors to decipher it and who tracks its intrinsic movement: its taking pause, its figuration, even if these characters do not appear before us  in full clarity (but rather as abbreviations and abstraction),  its hastening and persistence…

Have a look!

buch_ml_taupe_cover_1 drawing


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