Art, Science & Life – It is all about imagination!

Dear community,

a long time that I have the opportunity to post some news on my blog.

I traveled a lot around the world and finally get cought by a letter from Albert Einstein concerning Earth magnetic field and cosmic rays. You may know that in 1905, shortly after composing his special relativity paper, Einstein stated that the origin of the Earth´s  magnetic field was one of the great unsolved mysteries of physics. The relationship between magnetic and electric fields lies at the core of Einstein´s theory of relativity.

Here, Einstein , in 1938 is answering to a letter from Reinhold Pietsch;  “it cannot be assumed, that the Earth, which is a turning magnet in space, is working in the same manner as a dynamo. Nobody at all knows where the rotation of the Earth or its magnetic fields come from; anyhow it cannot be explained through the warming of the Earth affected by the sun. In opposite it is good as certain, that the Northern Lights …. are originated by electric particles, which come with high speed from the outer space and are strongly influenced by theEarth´s  magnetic field .”

By reading this letter – which gives such an interesting insight into the clearness of thoughts of the “genius” Albert Einstein within the context of the fantastic natural event of “Northern lights” – I saw the fantastic linkage of Life, Science and Art.

The Northern lights are not the only natural phenomenon we as human beings are so fascinated of. But if people view the Northern lights, they are astonished about the colours , about the space, about what “Mother Earth” is giving. Scientists are as well fascinated, so fascinated, that they want to clearly understand and later explain how those natural phenomenons are functioning. So there is a multiple joy in experiencing things. See-explore-explain

So how does thins link to Art? When we look at works of art we recognize how others are looking at the reality and interprete this reality. As an artist paints pictures to communicate his view on the reality he sees, a scientist is writing papers or books to communicate his views. Just a different type of communication. When we are reading a scientific book we try to understand the arguments given; if we look at a picture we try to understand forms and colours and to which context the given piece of art is related. And I think in both cases there remains this magic: Feelings – the fascination of exploring and understanding; the excitement of plunging into another world; get something out for your own life.

Einstein himself meant: ” I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world”

Albert Einstein p2


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