Arnold Zweig – no place for Kitsch in Berlin.

Arnold Zweig was a German writer and anti-war and antifascist activist. From 1950 on, he was President of the German Academy of the Arts until 1953. The letter I show here is from march 1950 written on his private stationary and answering (in the name of the Academy of arts) to a letter to a person who (probably) wanted to propose to establish a department for deviated art design in Berlin.

Arnold Zweig writes:

“Our Academy of arts is not yet ready to make notice of proposals like yours, as the different working groups just started to define themselves. … what you want to do has been done already by Prof. Pazaurek at  art museum  in Stuttgart on a broad dimension… there is still a department which – with the target of deterrence – takes care about all kind of “Kitsch” and deviated art design…”


A nice document describing at the very early stage of the creation of the Academy of Arts in (East) Berlin and the attitude of its director towards such proposals.

Arnold Zweig


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