Picasso´s signatures – a little study of Picasso´s P´s

Dear community,

this time I wanted to show you a very small study of different signatures of Picasso during the different years.  This study will be continued, as well I will add fake signatures later on as I think there are lots of them out there.

For now, the focus of this little study is the “P” in Picasso´s signatures and dedications like “Pour” as there can be seen differences. If I have both examples shown (“Pour” and “Picasso”, then they belong to the same document)

Example 1: very early signature from 1904 (reference: image in “Portrait of Picasso” by Roland Penrose, The Museum of Modern Art, New York 1957, pp.29).


I follow up with two examples from 1931/1932 dedicated to Chester Dale in 2 different documents (Reference: National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., USA)

Example 2: The “P” in Pour is like a big letter and a big loop (which almost turns into a heart) ; the “P” in in “Picasso” has a small upstroke which is usual for signatures at that time and as well earlier. Very small loop on the tip of the “P”

Pour9 Au8

Example 3: The “P” in Pour is like a small letter with a small upstroke, in Picasso´s signature already more artistic with a clear loop. No upstroke at the “P”.

Pour1 Au9

Example 4: Signature from 1940 (reference: letter to Christian Zervos, in Katalog Stargardt, Moirandat, Autographen Auktion, Basel 2011, pp.288 ). Still very artistic signature, the stroke and his classic “P” are somehow melting together.


Example 5: Signature from 1948 (1st reference: own collection. signed in Desire a play, 27.12.1948, dedicated to Bernard Frechtman). Capital “P” with a loop in Pour, simple P for his signature. (2n. reference: private collection: signed in “Desire – A play by P. Picasso, 27.12.1948): Both “P” with small upstrokes and small loops.

Pour8 Au1

Au11_desire Au11_desire


Example 6:

Signature from 1950. Photo signed and dedicated: Typical large “P” with loop in Pour are written all with big letters, small “p” in signature of “Picasso”, angle of the stroke is at 45 degrees (–>>different as when Picasso signs with a big P)

Pour10 Au4


Example 7: Signature from 1952: Photo signed and dedicated. “P” in Pour and in Picasso are written in small letters. Angle of the stroke for Picasso is at 45 degrees, small loop.

Pour5 Au2


A short summary with some further examples for writing “Pour “, in small and big letters:

Pour3 Pour5Pour2Pour1




Pour7 Pour6 Pour9

Pour10 Pour8 Au11_desire


T.B.C. …

Hope you enjoyed this small study and – if you have any comments – please feel free to contact me.



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