Mario Dalpra – India. A closer look into the world of his paintings

While the sculptures of Mario Dalpra are present at all his exhibitions, his paintings, are – in my opinion – still a secret to be explored: 2 Pictures out of his India-series:

Dalpra India 1       Dalpra India 2

I could not express it better what is so special in his drawings/painting than some of the people writing in his books,  I just wanted to mention some of the nice text written by the different authors:

“Mario Dalpra is a cosmopolitain – a traveller, yet whose approach to distant lands is way off-track from the usual visual and behavioral habits of travelling.” …  The rapid twisting round of this heads conveys complex emotionalism and state of being.. But after looking  at them for a while, Mario Dalpra´s drawings prove to be incredibly exact compositions of intensely concentrated quality.” (Sylvie Aigner in Mario Dalpra – Drawings-Paintings, W. Neugebauer Verlag GmbH, Graz)

“Like Basquiat, Dalpra´s work also has written characters supplementing the gesticulatory tracing of heads with feet”. “… Basquiat was the forefront in making figurativ doodling into a major criterion in modern painting. This is something that Dalpra, too, feels quite close to.” (Florian Steininger in Mario Dalpra – Drawings-Paintings, W. Neugebauer Verlag GmbH, Graz

“Among the exceptional creative features Mario Dalpra shares with other Austrians is the powerful, natural fusion of painting and drawing.” (Lucas Gehrmann, Energy-charged symbiosis, in Mario Dalpra – Drawings-Paintings,  W. Neugebauer Verlag GmbH, Graz)


Nevertheless my emotions are caught by his pictures, forms , colors and statement.

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