Robert Haas – new realism in the 60ies & 70ies

Robert Haas (1898-1977) was born in Heilbronn and studied at the Academy of Arts in Munich beginning from 1918 (after being war painter from 1914-1918). In 1936 he became part of the Kieler Artist federation. 1955 he started to be an independent artist and lived in Chelles s/Marne near Paris from 1959 on.

He was a good friend of our family and that was the reason we were often together with him and his wife during his stays in Heilbronn, when he came back from Paris. Of course we were as well impressed by his pictures and work he presented or he gave to us.

His work is maintained at the Städtische Museen in Heilbronn and from time to time presented to the public. The last one was in 2012 ( where the time between 1960 and 1970 was put into focus, especially for the art of the realism or new realism paintings which came up to be “modern” again.

Typical for Robert Haas´s paintings were surrealistic scenes as well scenes from french towns like Paris and others.

I show here his last self-portrait he gave to my father shortly before his death (unpublished) and typical examples of town paintings (which sometimes remember to the Paris´painters like Utrillo, Vuillard, Bonnard, Dufy).

Haas Selbstportrait





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