Franz West – Kant & Kantine

Dear community,

a superbe written quote by Franz West thinking about Kant & Kantine: Kantine the feministic form of  Kant. 

Franz West Kant

The reverse text mentions “Let´s have a look for Hegel´s <schlechte Unendlichkeit>”

Franz West Kant

copyright: Franz West, private collection.

The topic of “schlechte Unendlichkeit” which the philosopher Hegel was defining ( and Franz West is thinking of from a more artistic point of view, have impact to our  daily existence and life. I want to refer to one of my former blog with the topic of communication and another interesting blog to that topic I found ( unfortunately in german language only): “the true organisation”


    1. Hello, thank you very much for your comment. All the material I have, come from his former bookkeeper Johann Fenzel. Johann Fenzel was not only making his bookkeepings but performing a lot with him (the photos can be seen in different catalogues and as well artworks. In addition I have 20-30 private photos with him and Franz West). The timing from the material I have is from 1992-2007. Some of those scripts are (in a slight different form ) mentioned as well in the book “Franz West schrieb” by Ines Turian which can be most dated around 2000. Some of the writings are addressed to Ines (Ines Turian) or even to his office (Nadja Pogats-his first wife, where i have all the personal wedding photos).
      Hope this helps.

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