Vienna School of fantastic Realism

Vienna School of Fantastic Realism – Erich (Arik) Brauer

Arik Brauer (Hebrew: אריק בראואר‎; born January 4, 1929) is an Austrian painter, draughtsman, printmaker, poet, dancer, singer and stage designer. He resides in Vienna and Ein Hod, Israel. Brauer is a co-founder of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism, together with Ernst Fuchs, Rudolf Hausner, Fritz Janschka, Wolfgang Hutter and Anton Lehmden (Wikipedia from 3.4.2015)

copyright Joram Harel

(Image by Joram Harel, signed by Arik Brauer 4.12.1981 – all rights reserved to copyright holder !)

On occasion of the 85th birthday of Brauer, the Leopold Museum in Vienna exhibited a wide range of his over. (

“With his bizarre and fantastical shapes and unique manner of painting in the style of the Old Masters borrowing from medieval miniature techniques and oriental traditions, Brauer defied the mainstream of the strictly dogmatic art movements of post-war Modernism. Instead, he cultivated a style that was to once again capture the imagination and accommodate the art of storytelling and joy of invention. Arik Brauer has enjoyed great popularity all his life, not least on account of his multi-talent as a singer, songwriter, poet and dancer.”

One of his first exhibitions in Germany was at the Gallery Sydow in Frankfurt in 1964. On occasion of this exhibition, an exhibition catalogue was published in an edition of 3000 out of which 99 were numbered and a print was added. This catalogue is shown here:

Brauer_Katalog Sydow Brauer_Katalog Sydow Druck

(copyright Erich Brauer, all rights reserved)

Ernst Fuchs – “Der Triumph der Sphinx”

Ernst Fuchs, one of the founders of the Viennese School of Fantastic Realism worked closely with the Galerie Sydow in Frankfurt. 1966, Ernst Fuchs made an exhibition, called “Sphinx” at the Gallery Sydow in Frankfurt, from which I want to show some correspondence between Fuchs & Sydow happening just before the exhibition . Fuchs especially mentions his works “der Triumph der Sphinx” and “Puttos Traum”. The correspondent pictures of the works are displayed as an extract from the exhibition catalogue, which was produced in a limited version of 3000. (all copyrights to the below pictures are to Ernst Fuchs)




Sphinx_2 Fuchs_Puttos Traum