The secrets of your autographs

If you ask yourself what is so fascinating in collecting autographs, I do not have a clear answer for you but at least I can tell you, that I asked myself the same question many times. My conclusion is, that this addiction has to come from somewhere, from a secret place in your mind what tickles your interest in getting more involved.

It might be the the fact, that you can sit down into a time machine and go back in time by reading the letters and documents in front of you. History simply gets live and you are in the middle of the happenings. Despite the fact, that collecting autographs need a certain level of knowledge about the time and circumstances in which the persons lived,  you have the chance to learn about the thoughts of the concerned person, the relationships, the visions, the wishes and the power  in a very personal way- it is like being caught by the still existing aura of the person and you are the one who is selected in standing next beside, looking over his shoulders, maybe you try to talk to him/her, but you remain in the observer-role. You learn, why certain things evolved how they evolved because you get knowledge about the way of thinking and acting of the person. Often this is already very satisfying. Nevertheless sometimes we dream to change history in order to change the NOW or the future. Knowing what is happening tomorrow? Foresee something? Being able to manage and guide some events in our own lives?  Of course, … this will definitely remain a dream, nevertheless – for myself – I got the intuition to act in my life now in order to change my future.

What else enchains you by collecting autographs?  I strongly believe, that there is still more than this window into history. Did you already think about what handwriting tells you about the person itself – not only at that time he is writing the lines ? So looking at a letter is not only the – already mysterious – walk back into history but also the decent look into the psychology , the character of the person you are so fascinated of. By looking at the handwriting you could feel the motion of each written word, you could feel the sense of each sentence.  What was the  reason of an agressively  or smoothly”written” signature? Why was a word written in a very readable or very unreadable way? Why are words written pressed into a corner of a paper or broadly over the whole line? Did the writer always write like this or can we “detect” differences based on the actual circumstances? All questions which you might answer by diving into the topics of psychology and graphology.

For me, looking at the historical AND the psychological aspects makes collecting autographs such an amazing field, where everyday you learn something new.

If you like, let´s discuss!

Stefan Szalay


Joan Miro – “la petite statuette”

The little things in life are those which makes us people happy. Like the little “statuette” Joan Miro got from one of his friends. My first autograph from Joan Miro, which a found at a dealer in Paris. Postcard