Picasso´s signatures – a little study of Picasso´s P´s

Dear community,

this time I wanted to show you a very small study of different signatures of Picasso during the different years.  This study will be continued, as well I will add fake signatures later on as I think there are lots of them out there.

For now, the focus of this little study is the “P” in Picasso´s signatures and dedications like “Pour” as there can be seen differences. If I have both examples shown (“Pour” and “Picasso”, then they belong to the same document)

Example 1: very early signature from 1904 (reference: image in “Portrait of Picasso” by Roland Penrose, The Museum of Modern Art, New York 1957, pp.29).


I follow up with two examples from 1931/1932 dedicated to Chester Dale in 2 different documents (Reference: National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., USA)

Example 2: The “P” in Pour is like a big letter and a big loop (which almost turns into a heart) ; the “P” in in “Picasso” has a small upstroke which is usual for signatures at that time and as well earlier. Very small loop on the tip of the “P”

Pour9 Au8

Example 3: The “P” in Pour is like a small letter with a small upstroke, in Picasso´s signature already more artistic with a clear loop. No upstroke at the “P”.

Pour1 Au9

Example 4: Signature from 1940 (reference: letter to Christian Zervos, in Katalog Stargardt, Moirandat, Autographen Auktion, Basel 2011, pp.288 ). Still very artistic signature, the stroke and his classic “P” are somehow melting together.


Example 5: Signature from 1948 (1st reference: own collection. signed in Desire a play, 27.12.1948, dedicated to Bernard Frechtman). Capital “P” with a loop in Pour, simple P for his signature. (2n. reference: private collection: signed in “Desire – A play by P. Picasso, 27.12.1948): Both “P” with small upstrokes and small loops.

Pour8 Au1

Au11_desire Au11_desire


Example 6:

Signature from 1950. Photo signed and dedicated: Typical large “P” with loop in Pour are written all with big letters, small “p” in signature of “Picasso”, angle of the stroke is at 45 degrees (–>>different as when Picasso signs with a big P)

Pour10 Au4


Example 7: Signature from 1952: Photo signed and dedicated. “P” in Pour and in Picasso are written in small letters. Angle of the stroke for Picasso is at 45 degrees, small loop.

Pour5 Au2


A short summary with some further examples for writing “Pour “, in small and big letters:

Pour3 Pour5Pour2Pour1




Pour7 Pour6 Pour9

Pour10 Pour8 Au11_desire


T.B.C. …

Hope you enjoyed this small study and – if you have any comments – please feel free to contact me.


Artist Autograph to sell?

Dear community,

I am always interested in buying autographs from artists. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you plan to sell your autographs. Just send a scan of your items to my email I am concentrating to collect signed photographs, letters and signed books.

Hope to hear from you ! Thanks a lot!

Dear autograph community!

With this new blog, I want to bring you nearer to the fascinating area of collecting autographs. I concentrate my collection on fine signed photographs and on letters or fine signed books. As well I like exhibition catalogues (best if signed) very much.

When you look at good photos, there is a vibration which you can feel, you can be next into the situation captured by the camera. This is simply fascinating!

When you read a letter, you are overlooking the mind and the thoughts of the artists. Sometimes they were written in hazzle, sometimes with a calm. For us who are living in the Facebook-Age and get more & more uncommon to write something by hand, a fairly different feeling of looking at the emotions in the words as well in the handwriting. Faboulous !

I also get more and more inspired to integrate some of the autographs and integrate the content into something new. For me autographs are ART.

And now, please walk through and look at the most iconic artists of the 19th and 20th century. Enjoy ! and feed back is always welcome! I will try to write one or 2 times per month.