Biennale Sao Paulo 1971

Arnulf Rainer – overpaintings

Recently I had the chance to dive into the world of Arnulf Rainer´s artistic history : I took a look into old exhibition catalogues which took place in different places of this world… in New York, Cologne (Germany), Venice (Italy), Sao Paolo (Brazil).

Rainer´s main artistic work is the so-called over paintings, which have its roots in surrealistic informal art: extreme reductions, paining with closed eyes etc. In the mid 50ies his works get darker and black. Rainer uses other and his own works of art to create those over paintings: Black coverings with very small rests of the original painting or canvas. Beginning 1966 Rainer made experiments with certain drugs which lead to those -today well known – face farces, which he partly overpainted to make additional accent to those farces. Those paintings were selected for the Sao Paolo Biennale in 1971.

Attached you see a scarce signed catalogue and a scarce signed photograph (signed twice) from Arnulf Rainer, which  I could take into my collection recently. (Please respect copyright of this image which belongs to Arnulf Rainer. No reproduction allowed!)


Rainer, Arnulf_Katalo_Sao Paolo 1971


Rainer, Arnulf