Claude Monet

on his way back from St. Thomas hospital

Claude Monet : “Back in the Savoy hotel from St. Thomas hospital”

I bought this letter from Claude Monet in 1989 in Paris. Claude Monet was my favourite impressionist already at that time, so I was very very proud to hold a handwritten letter from this master painter in my hand. Monet made three successive visits to London in 1899 to 1901, when he worked on the great series of Views of the Thames. Mrs Charles Hunter (a friend of Sargent) had arranged for Monet to have a room in St Thomas’s Hospital, from which he painted the series of views of the Houses of Parliament, working only in the late afternoons so as to concentrate on backlit and sunset effects.

Only some years later  I acknowledged the content of this letter:

Monet was just coming back from St. Thomas hospital to the Savoy hotel talking about his experiences while painting.

Later in his letter he is talking about his day, having breakfast with his son in the hotel room and about he will be sad as on Sunday he will not be able to work at the hospital nor getting letters from his wife Alice. A nice 4 pages letter from the old master Claude Monet.

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Claude Monet – Letter to french prime minister Georges Clemenceau

“Dear Clemenceau, I ask you to be so kind as to receive Mr. Guillenne who will tell you about a matter which is of greatest interest to my son-in-law Jacque Hoschede, a ship-broker at St. Severan, a fairly complicated matter … a political side. I ask you to become acquainted with all the details of the matter and help Mr. Guillenne bring it to a good conclusion. It´s a question of my son-in-law´s future. So I don´t need to tell you how grateful we are, my wife and I, for what you will be able to do. Thanks in advance and continued friendship. Yours Claude Monet.”

When I saw this letter, I said to me that I really want it: purple ink, nice signature from Monet and … VERY personal letter to his friend and prime minister Clemenceau.

Hard to find and I am happy to own it now.

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