Elfie Semotan – pure photographs

Elfie Semotan (born in 1941) might not be known by everyone. I think, you should not miss out to do it.

Initially Elfie Semotan worked as a fashion model in Paris.  At the end of the 1960s, she changed behind the camera and began an international career as a photographer. Her work has appeared in magazines as Vogue, Elle , Esquire , Marie Claire , Harper ‘s Bazaar , The New Yorker.

In Austria, Elfie Semotan was particularly known for her long collaboration with Helmut Lang, and by revolutionary campaigns for Palmers and Römerquelle. Semotan was married to Kurt Kocherscheidt and Martin Kippenberger, both unfortunately died very early (Source: Wikipedia)

On this blog I show a photo-portrait of the Austrian Painter Franz West (1947-2012) taken by Semotan in West´s atelier. It is a pigment-print on baryt-paper,  (Vienna 1990/2010). 18,7 x 28,2 cm. The motive was later shown on a stamp in honor of Franz West (First Day 14.5.2013)

This photo is one out of an edition of 10 verso numbered and signed by Semotan 2010 for a special edition of her exhibition catalogue in the Museum of Modern Art – Rupertinum Salzburg ‘From Louise Bourgeois to Jeff Wall. Portraits & Studio Stills’.

Elfie Semotan talks about her circle of friends as if it were your own. They are stories from the past 30 years, created during meetings with other artists. The collection of portraits and pictures taken in the studio convey an amicable intimacy They are snapshots by a woman who fascinates and is fascinating and lets us have a peek into the treasures of her world. 39 portraits on 104 pages now find their justified space, in cooperation with Albert Handler from brand unit. (Source:





(copyright Elfie Semotan)