Gustav Klimt

Richard Teschner – Wiener Werkstätte und Master of Puppet Play

2 years ago, I was invited by a friend to visit the “Theatermuseum” in Vienna and watch the “Weihnachtsspiel” from Richard Teschner. It was also the chance to visit the exhibition in the museum showing an overview of the works and life of Richard Teschner. I was fascinated about what I saw. Teschner- as member of the well known “Wiener Werkstätte” (1909-1912) was an artist of the “Vienna Jugendstil” and a good friend of Gustav Klimt. He created paintings, drawings  and of course the fascinating plays with the puppets which he brought over from the javanese puppet play to Europe with its specific style of a pantomimic puppet play.

If you are interested, just have a look on the website of the Theatermuseum in Vienna or visit one of the plays, which are hopefully shown again during Christmas time. It would be worth your time.

Attached I show here examples from a sketchbook from R.Teschner from 1924


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