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Miklós Németh – diaries of life


again a post about the great hungarian painter Miklós Németh who really catches me even if I am not looking at his paintings.  I am actually exploring some of his diaries which are partly colorfully designed and which describe e.g. his daily work at painting and other thoughts.

Just examples which I am proud of to be able to show: a fantastic self portrait by the 22 year old Miklos Németh and a sample page of one of his diaries.

I want the spectators of his art to focus on the real and right works because they are so fascinating and show his development  as a painter. As long it is not yet really open to add works in the work directory (which partly is done by the austrian private trust Lengersdorff) I will continue to document  and publish my own, which should be – I hope – a great addition to the public once in future.

Anyone who might want to help on this endeavor is greatly invited to join. I am keen to discuss ways how to help to give Miklós Németh the place in the art world he deserves for.


All rights reserved. Copyright Miklós Németh. Private collection Szalay



All rights reserved. Copyright: Miklós Németh. Courtesy of Péter Perina

Miklós Németh, Painter of the Vulcano

Miklos Németh (1934-2012) – whose teacher was Ödön Marffy (one of the 8 “Hungarian “Wild”) – is amongst the most important hungarian painters  in our times. His specific style which resembles very much to different “western” painters like Picasso, Nolde, Kokoschka, Matisse But Németh never copied any of those great painters. He was painting based on his own and deepest emotions; his paintings were made like an eruption of a Vulcano, why he named himself as “painter both the volcano”. He never really planned to create a picture, he was just painting and when a picture was done, IT WAS DONE, he would never change it again, rather he would do another one.

I wanted to show some of his work to my community, because more and more collectors start to see the immense power of his pictures and the effect they have on themselves.  When I saw his pictures the first time, I was fascinated.

Attached you see a very early work, done in 1955 and some of his work created in the 1980ies or 1990ies.


Miklós Németh, Nachdenklicher Junge, 1955

“Thinking Boy”- Miklós Németh, 1955, Private Collection



“Women”, Miklós Németh, Mixed Media on Cardboard, appear. 1990; Private Collection


“Party”, Miklós Németh, Oil on Cardboard, Private Collection



“Talking Women”, Miklós Németh, crayon on paper, 1984, Private Collection