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James Rizzi – My New York cookbook

Dear community,

for those who like New York and those who like James Rizzi I have something interesting here. It was in 1997 when I met James Rizzi again in one of the galeries and I saw this new book from the artist. I was very much interested, as I love New York and as well- I love cooking. But to be honest at that time I was more related to the french kitchen as to the american one. Nevertheless the best steaks, lobsters, orange juice, melons, brownies & Cakes – I would have to lie – I got in America.

So James Rizzi´s cookbook was an adventure to be more knowledgable about what americans love to eat. And I got more and more a supporter! From breakfast, New York Deli, Fish, Burritos to Sideorders, Deserts, cookies etc, I have a good variety of things to cook.

James Rizzi: “Popart & Communication”

Can you really imagine, that there was a time when we still went to telephone booths when we needed to communicate? Yes once upon a time having a mobile phone was a status symbol of some high level managers – incredible but true.

Anyhow having a telephone card to access the communication was already modern and very suitable as you did not need to search always for the right coins, which possibly were not really working; in Germany at that time those telephone cards became a real “run” as we discovered them as collectibles. At the back of those cards the number of issued cards were indicated, so having certain card motive with a relatively low number was already a treasure.

As an artist – why not going into this booming market – as James Rizzi did in his very funny way. The “gallery Vogel” at that time promoted very much this great Pop Art artist and today I am very happy to have met him several times. I think it was in 1993 or 1994, I bought 2 telephone card editions, which were sold by the gallery in a limited signed edition (“as a special to the normal card edition”). The “Heilbronn edition” is limited to 300 examples; the “Heidelberg edition” to 500 examples.

I like to share those examples because Heilbronn is my town of birth, Heidelberg is the town I was studying, and Rizzi was an artist I liked because he came out of New York ( a town I admire) and he had a funny style.

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