Franz West – Kant & Kantine

Dear community,

a superbe written quote by Franz West thinking about Kant & Kantine: Kantine the feministic form of  Kant. 

Franz West Kant

The reverse text mentions “Let´s have a look for Hegel´s <schlechte Unendlichkeit>”

Franz West Kant

copyright: Franz West, private collection.

The topic of “schlechte Unendlichkeit” which the philosopher Hegel was defining (http://www.hegel-system.de/de/v11123froeb.htm) and Franz West is thinking of from a more artistic point of view, have impact to our  daily existence and life. I want to refer to one of my former blog with the topic of communication  https://autographen.wordpress.com/2015/01/22/franz-west-the-art-of-words/ and another interesting blog to that topic I found ( unfortunately in german language only): “the true organisation” http://agilosoph.de/organisation/schlechte-unendlichkeit-wahre-organisation/