Manuel Gasser

Joan Miro – exhibition in Linz, Austria 1979

I am very happy that – after a while – I am able to present again a nice little autograph from the great spanish painter Joan Miro.

In Vienna, I saw a catalogue which was edited on the occasion of the exhibition of Joan Miro in Linz, which took place between October 25 & December 1, 1979. I think I do not have to tell a lot. Just have a look to the little memory given by Miro in this catalogue and feel the vibrance of the lines, points and star. Somehow a wonderful composition on its own.

Miro, Joan_zeichnung 1979

Jean Cocteau to Manuel Gasser

At one of my “explorings” through the internet, I saw the letter of Jean Cocteau to Manuel Gasser from november 1961.  Manuel Gasser was Chief editor of the Swiss cultural magazine “DU” until 1975. Cocteau writes.” Mon très cher Manuel …Paris est use ville malade et me voilá refugie á Milly avec cette sorte de grippe mysterieuse qui m´éreinte … depuis notre naissance nous sommes en corège d´autres – relie par un ligne de coeure …”   Cocteau also mentions a “déluge de sotisses sur Picasso”.

A nice letter showing the relationship between Jean C. and Manuel G.; I decided to add it to my collection.