Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall in Oskar Kokoschka’s garden

Dear followers,

It has been a long time i did not write and I am happy to be able to do it again. I hope you like what you see and read here.

I recently akquired a photograph signed by Marc Chagall in Kokoschka´s garden in the Villa Delphin in Villneuve in Switzerland. For a long long time I was looking for something like this. As you might know there are so many forged signatures from Chagall on the market I was simply not able to find one for my collection which attired my attention. Now this one comes from the estate of Dr. Edgar Horstmann , a very good friend from Kokoschka and art collector.

Horstmann moved to Hamburg in 1946, where he got a chair at the university der Bildenden Künste. He intensively studied life and work from Kokoschka and also wrote a book called “Oskar Kokoschka in Hamburg” . Oskar Kokoschka liked to work with students and did that as well in Horstmann’s classes. He dedicates the photo ” at your school dear Edgar- it was good and lively”. It is so nice to find such witnesses of time showing the inner enthusiasm of Kokoschka to talk with young students how they can find their way to express themselves .

I did not find too much information yet about the relation between Kokoschka and Chagall but as we can see, they also privately kept contact. On the photo Chagall seems so happy to watch the things in the garden. I like the sphere in this unusual and private scene ..

Stay safe and keep happiness about the little things in life! As Chagall seems to do it in Kokoschka’ s garden.