Marffy school Budapest

Miklós Németh – Second public – a selection of early works

After some time I am able to present a little photobook from early works of Miklós Németh. In my opinion it is still a lot to learn about this artist and especially his circumstances he had to work.

Hans Knoll (an austro-hungarain gallerist) edited a book about the different political circumstances in Hungary and its impact for the art world at that times (“Die zweite Öffentlichkeit” Kunst in Ungarn im 20.Jahrhundert – hungarian edition: a második nyilvánosság” As well Miklós Németh had to fight in those times – and not having an official diploma made his life not easier in the 60íes after the socialist regime came to power and streamlined hungarian art.

The more interesting is the fact how independent Németh developed his own style reflecting the joy of live with his enormous colorful paintings where nature, love and the beauty of live are in the centre of his artistic focus which he captured like in a time capsule.

A little step towards to work out of this part of art history and the role of Miklós Németh might be to get to know more about the artworks of Németh during this time starting with the Marffy school in 1950 and continuing with the collaboration with Ilosvai Istvan Varga and Toth Menyhért.

If somebody wants to support this challenge please contact me. As well any feedback is appreciated.