Mario Dalpra

Mario Dalpra – India. A closer look into the world of his paintings

While the sculptures of Mario Dalpra are present at all his exhibitions, his paintings, are – in my opinion – still a secret to be explored: 2 Pictures out of his India-series:

Dalpra India 1       Dalpra India 2

I could not express it better what is so special in his drawings/painting than some of the people writing in his books,  I just wanted to mention some of the nice text written by the different authors:

“Mario Dalpra is a cosmopolitain – a traveller, yet whose approach to distant lands is way off-track from the usual visual and behavioral habits of travelling.” …  The rapid twisting round of this heads conveys complex emotionalism and state of being.. But after looking  at them for a while, Mario Dalpra´s drawings prove to be incredibly exact compositions of intensely concentrated quality.” (Sylvie Aigner in Mario Dalpra – Drawings-Paintings, W. Neugebauer Verlag GmbH, Graz)

“Like Basquiat, Dalpra´s work also has written characters supplementing the gesticulatory tracing of heads with feet”. “… Basquiat was the forefront in making figurativ doodling into a major criterion in modern painting. This is something that Dalpra, too, feels quite close to.” (Florian Steininger in Mario Dalpra – Drawings-Paintings, W. Neugebauer Verlag GmbH, Graz

“Among the exceptional creative features Mario Dalpra shares with other Austrians is the powerful, natural fusion of painting and drawing.” (Lucas Gehrmann, Energy-charged symbiosis, in Mario Dalpra – Drawings-Paintings,  W. Neugebauer Verlag GmbH, Graz)


Nevertheless my emotions are caught by his pictures, forms , colors and statement.

Mario Dalpra – “Listen to your inside emotions”

Mario Dalpra is an Austrian contemporary artist. He learned with Arnulf Rainer. Mario makes different kind of artwork. For me, his oevre is plenty of fantasy and emotions. I like his sculptures which have varieties in all kind -forms, colors, shapes. They have all a kind of dynamics and just wait to explored either by your eyes or by your cognitive thinking. Just have a look…

Mario Dalpra dalpra1 Dalpra2 dalpra_g5Dalpra3 Dalpra4