Claude Monet – Letter to french prime minister Georges Clemenceau

“Dear Clemenceau, I ask you to be so kind as to receive Mr. Guillenne who will tell you about a matter which is of greatest interest to my son-in-law Jacque Hoschede, a ship-broker at St. Severan, a fairly complicated matter … a political side. I ask you to become acquainted with all the details of the matter and help Mr. Guillenne bring it to a good conclusion. It´s a question of my son-in-law´s future. So I don´t need to tell you how grateful we are, my wife and I, for what you will be able to do. Thanks in advance and continued friendship. Yours Claude Monet.”

When I saw this letter, I said to me that I really want it: purple ink, nice signature from Monet and … VERY personal letter to his friend and prime minister Clemenceau.

Hard to find and I am happy to own it now.

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