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James Rizzi – My New York cookbook

Dear community,

for those who like New York and those who like James Rizzi I have something interesting here. It was in 1997 when I met James Rizzi again in one of the galeries and I saw this new book from the artist. I was very much interested, as I love New York and as well- I love cooking. But to be honest at that time I was more related to the french kitchen as to the american one. Nevertheless the best steaks, lobsters, orange juice, melons, brownies & Cakes – I would have to lie – I got in America.

So James Rizzi´s cookbook was an adventure to be more knowledgable about what americans love to eat. And I got more and more a supporter! From breakfast, New York Deli, Fish, Burritos to Sideorders, Deserts, cookies etc, I have a good variety of things to cook.