Ronald Reagan

Art meets Politics: Joseph Beuys & Johannes Rau

Imagine the following situation:

  • you are in the 80-ies in
  • you are living in Germany
  • Terrorism (Baader – Meinhof Group) in Germany reached its peak.
  • Cold war was still present.
  • With Tschernobyl, young and the elder generations faced new (nuclear) threats, we never experienced before in Europe.

The known artist Joseph Beuys even made a song “Sonne statt Reagan” which is a nice word game in german language. In german language its meaning sounds like “we want sun instead of rain”, but in reality it was a critic to the politics of Ronald Reagan  ” we want sun instead of Reagan” . The shout for a better life in our country.

As a small boy at that time, I wanted to have answers to this actual situation I am living in and I reached out to politicians and asked them, what they think about peace and asked them for some comments.

One answer I got, was from Johannes Rau (the later president of Germany) who made interesting statements to the situation in 1986. From today´s point of view interesting and maybe valuable for future generations as they are still generally correct

– today we have more mass destruction weapons than in any other country of the world; these weapons have to be minimized, as they are a danger and threatening our lives

– we need less nuclear and chemical weapons

– we need a stabilization of power at most possible low level in East & West..

– we need to support the exchange of cultures ..

“Art meets politics” Here I put together the LP of Joseph Beuys and my letter from Johannes Rau. In my opinion 2 interesting documents with different approaches to a certain situation.

If you want to listen to the song, here is a link to youtube: