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Luciano Lattanzi – Semantic Painting – Action Painting

Luciano Lattanzi.

He was born on january 3rd 1925 in Carrara, Italy.

Together with the german artist Werner Schreib (1925-1969), he is one of the founders of the so called “Semantic Painting”.  He started with painting in 1956 as autodidact and publicized his “Manifest of Semantic Painting” in London in 1957. Lattanzi held his first solo exhibition in the New Vision Centre Gallery in London. (source Catalogue Galerie Sydow, Frankfurt, 1964).

In the catalogue “information 61”, (editor: das fester, Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst, dr. h.appel) there are some question put up and answered:


  1. What is the semantic image?  “It is a creation in painting, drawing or sculpture which grows automatically out of itself, as the result of organization of the basic gestures.
  2. From where does the basic gesture come? “the idea of a basic gesture came from the observation of instinctive motions in the artistic process with precise reference to Action Painting (…)
  3. What is the basic gesture? “It is a rational movement which expresses itself by a definitive shape, e.g. horizontal line, vertical line, zig-zag, spiral ,(…)”
  4. How basic gestures are organized? “Through their variation, addition, multiplication and integration”
  5. Why does the semantic image develop automatically from itself? “Because one cannot preconceive the total result, since the creative conscience controls only that part of the work of art which is under elaboration at the moment in execution”
  6. What inspires the creative conscience? The unconscious memory of the past and the intuition of a mechanized future”

This catalogue from the gallery Sydow bears the number 4 out of a total edition of 33 copies with ORIGINAL, SIGNED, DATED INK DRAWING (the trade edition is 3000 copies).



(copyright: Luciano Lattanzi)


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