Oskar Kokoschka -” I have disillusion for you…”

Dear community,

I was a bit , let´s say “shocked” when I read the letter from Oskar Kokoschka – even in his lifetime lots of fakes (or “paintings wrongly attributed to him ” ) were already “cruising” in the Art-world. I do not want to know how many there might be out there today! So watch out when you are planning to buy a Kokoschka …

2009-05-24 13.03.24

Johann Julian Taube – Neuhauser Block & journeys of adventures by pencil

Maybe this artist might be new to you as it was to me until I got this book with a drawing  as a birthday present from my father. Johann Julian Taupe was born in Gritschach/ Kärnten/ Austria and started his carrer at the “Akademie der bildenenden Künste” in Vienna in 1976 with Prof. Max Weiler. Later he was working with Prof. Arnulf Rainer  from 1981-1983. Various exhibitions brings the art to many spectators allover Europe.

After making a drawing into the guest book of the sculptor Karl-Manfred Rennertz. Helmut Swoboda, a painter colleague of him, “mistreated” him to start making drawings . After the opening of the museum Neuhaus/Suha, Herbert Liaunig spoke with him to create a book with drawings, etchings etc. within the context the Museum . Between september 2008 and march 2009 the “Neuhauser Block” with more than 140 works of art were born.

Peter Weiermair describes in the book some insight, which I allow to cite partly on my blog .”The drawings of Johann Julian Taupe only entered late into the life of the painter… They reflect Taupe´s adventure with a new medium, which is based not on color, but on line. … The observer is the reader of this seismografic handwriting, the one who endeavors to decipher it and who tracks its intrinsic movement: its taking pause, its figuration, even if these characters do not appear before us  in full clarity (but rather as abbreviations and abstraction),  its hastening and persistence…

Have a look!

buch_ml_taupe_cover_1 drawing

Hermann Nitsch – Museum Opening

Dear friends,

It was a sunny afternoon in 2007, when I was visiting the Herman Nitsch museum in Mistelbach due to its opening. (see Quite a high number of art interested people were attending the event. I took the opportunity to meet the artist as well his works. I may not be my favorite style but I take it as a challenge to understand what stands behind. Hermann Nitsch wants his work to represent a school of life, perceiption and sentiments. I tried to see and feel.

After some speeches and talks, I saw Mr. Nitsch sitting on a bench, quite alone and thinking. I made this photo and some months after, I let it sign by him.

James Rizzi – My New York cookbook

Dear community,

for those who like New York and those who like James Rizzi I have something interesting here. It was in 1997 when I met James Rizzi again in one of the galeries and I saw this new book from the artist. I was very much interested, as I love New York and as well- I love cooking. But to be honest at that time I was more related to the french kitchen as to the american one. Nevertheless the best steaks, lobsters, orange juice, melons, brownies & Cakes – I would have to lie – I got in America.

So James Rizzi´s cookbook was an adventure to be more knowledgable about what americans love to eat. And I got more and more a supporter! From breakfast, New York Deli, Fish, Burritos to Sideorders, Deserts, cookies etc, I have a good variety of things to cook.

on his way back from St. Thomas hospital

Claude Monet : “Back in the Savoy hotel from St. Thomas hospital”

I bought this letter from Claude Monet in 1989 in Paris. Claude Monet was my favourite impressionist already at that time, so I was very very proud to hold a handwritten letter from this master painter in my hand. Monet made three successive visits to London in 1899 to 1901, when he worked on the great series of Views of the Thames. Mrs Charles Hunter (a friend of Sargent) had arranged for Monet to have a room in St Thomas’s Hospital, from which he painted the series of views of the Houses of Parliament, working only in the late afternoons so as to concentrate on backlit and sunset effects.

Only some years later  I acknowledged the content of this letter:

Monet was just coming back from St. Thomas hospital to the Savoy hotel talking about his experiences while painting.

Later in his letter he is talking about his day, having breakfast with his son in the hotel room and about he will be sad as on Sunday he will not be able to work at the hospital nor getting letters from his wife Alice. A nice 4 pages letter from the old master Claude Monet.

If you are interested on the other Claude Monet letter on my blog, click here

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Oskar Kokoschka – Zauberflöte Salzburg

Die Zauberflöte production that Wilhelm Furtwängler had prepared with the painter Oskar Kokoschka for the Felsenreitschule was taken over by Georg Solti. Werner Egk’s Irische Legende (“Irish Legend”) received its world premiere under the baton of George Szell, while Rudolf Kempe gave Salzburg its first hearing of Pfitzner’s Palestrina. The ballet of the Vienna State Opera presented four evenings devoted to contemporary scores: Stravinsky’s Perséphone and Honegger’s La Danse des Morts. Behind the scenes a battle raged for the successor to Furtwängler, who had dominated the Festival in its recent years. A duel soon emerged between Böhm and Karajan. Official negotiations with Karajan began in the autumn. Karajan raised far-reaching demands, wishing not only to function as a conductor but as a stage director. He also demanded the position of artistic director with full authority on all questions related to casting and programming. The Festival had never seen the like before! (Text from

The photograph shows Oskar Kokoschka mentioning his work in Salzburg. A nice historic document to this event, which I got for my 40th birthday .

Copyright Photo Ellinger

Picasso at work

Do you feel the silence and the artistic and creative process in this picture? What happens next? How does Picasso create the uniqueness of the ceramics in front of him? This very nice photo shows Pablo Picasso in his atelier in Vallauris designing and painting one of his sculptures. Roger Lacourière observes him in the background, smoking a pipe.

I think it was in 2010 I saw this photo the first time on the internet site of an autograph trader. I could not get off my eyes any more . In summer 2011, I took decision to go to Paris and have a look on the original. There was no way back without this photo…

in his atelier in Vallauris

Photo signed and dedicated:
„For Lacourière, his friend Picasso“ , june 1952.
125 x 182 mm, vintage photography
Provenance: Collection from the engraver Roger Lacourière

Dear autograph community!

With this new blog, I want to bring you nearer to the fascinating area of collecting autographs. I concentrate my collection on fine signed photographs and on letters or fine signed books. As well I like exhibition catalogues (best if signed) very much.

When you look at good photos, there is a vibration which you can feel, you can be next into the situation captured by the camera. This is simply fascinating!

When you read a letter, you are overlooking the mind and the thoughts of the artists. Sometimes they were written in hazzle, sometimes with a calm. For us who are living in the Facebook-Age and get more & more uncommon to write something by hand, a fairly different feeling of looking at the emotions in the words as well in the handwriting. Faboulous !

I also get more and more inspired to integrate some of the autographs and integrate the content into something new. For me autographs are ART.

And now, please walk through and look at the most iconic artists of the 19th and 20th century. Enjoy ! and feed back is always welcome! I will try to write one or 2 times per month.