Picasso – l´homme au mouton

Exceedingly uncommon photograph of Picasso’s bronze masterpiece sculpture: Man with a Lamb, [1943] wonderfully inscribed and signed by him on the lower photographic surface: “Pour Madeleine Braun Vallauris Picasso le 30/08/50”.

I suppose, Madeleine Braun is the vice president of the “assemblée national”; see also following link and information on the website


This photograph was taken in the castle chapel at Vallauris. It shows the sculpture as it was preserved in 1949 [the year of it’s donation by Picasso] and before the 1950 date of its installation /inauguration in the market square. 

Pablo Picasso created Man with a Lamb while living in German-occupied Paris during World War II. The idea for the sculpture began as an etching the artist made in 1942 of a man holding a bouquet of flowers on Bastille Day, July 14. In a series of subsequent drawings, Picasso transformed the flowers into an agitated animal in the arms of a man who seems stoic in his effort to hold his oversized burden. Man with a Lamb recalls early Christian images of the Good Shepherd, and Picasso\’s depiction of sacrifice and suffering, which he described as an expression of universal emotion, takes on heightened significance in the context of the world war in which it was created. [PMA]

The first time I can recall seeing a photograph like this!  Simply wonderful!

Recently I bought a small book, written by André Verdet which gives some insights about l´homme au mouton. Some content I would like to share


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