Expo 1958 Brussels – the Austrian Pavillon

In 1958, the  architect Karl Schwanzer (1918-1975 : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Schwanzer ) built up the austrian pavilion for the world-expo in Brussels as a temporary exhibition room. For this futuristic building he got the Grand Prix d´Architecture in 1958.

Today – totally renovated – the building serves as Museum for temporary art in Vienna and was reopened on november 20th, 2011

A bit of history from 1958 still remained in a guestbook from the pavilion where several politicians, the former austrian  president Franz Jonas and Royals e.g. the former greek , danish or royal family from Luxembourg let its “footprint”.

This book, found me on a flea market in Vienna in the 80-ies – why I looked into this guestbook? I do not know why.

I think it is worth to share this history

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